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The Films



The story of east coaster Jackie Merritt’s amazing performance at Western States Endurance Run 2017.

by Floof Not Fast Productions



Till Death

The Georgia Death Race is the hardest race east of the Rocky Mountains and the most grueling of all the Western States Endurance Run Golden Ticket races. Follow some bad ass runners through their journey to death in the Georgia mountains.

By Goat Factory Media Entertainment



Striking Oil

The Oil Creek State Park deep in the wilds on Pennsylvania plays stage to the Oil Creek 100. Unforgiving. Historic. Gnarly.

By Goat Factory Media



Mohican 100 Trail Run 2017

Full length highlight documentary of the 2017 Mohican 100 Trail Run. The Mohican Trail 100 Mile Run, often referred to as the MO100, has become one of the nation’s premier ultra-marathons.  Mohican is reportedly the fifth oldest ultra-running race in the USA.

By Trail Hound Collective


One Week- Journey From 1 to 100

Filmmaker Jonathan Flores sits down with Jamie one week before the start of the Mohican 100 endurance trail run. They talk about his story and why he is a part of the “crazy ones”. This is the first short film in the “One Week” series capturing people prior to achieving their goals.

By Jonathan Flores


Lighting The Fire:

How One Wrong Turn Changed Jim Walmsley’s Career

From Matt Trappe and 9MindAsylum, “Lighting The Fire: Wrong Turns” tells the story of Jim Walmsley’s eventful start in the sport of ultrarunning. After being honorably discharged from the Air Force and dealing with bouts of severe depression, Walmsley turned to running to get his life back on track. He moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, and connected with a community of runners who helped him rebound and supported him after his infamous wrong turn at mile 93 of the 2016 Western States 100 race.

By 9MindAsylum



Lighting The Fire: All In

From Matt Trappe and 9Mind Asylum, Lighting The Fire: Episode Two follows Jim Walmsley’s bid to set a new record at Western States. With last year’s wrong turn, immense pressure was on him for 2017.

By 9Mind Asylum


August 23, 2016